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How to Apply for SSS as an Employee

As most of the Filipino people who are in the age of 18 years old and above, having a SSS or Social Security System number is like a mandatory requirements when applying for a job. If you are a current employee or future employee, having this requirements is a must and having this provides a lot of benefits.

For example, if you reach a certain age and met the number of contribution required, you can apply for a pension fund which will be given to monthly when you retire. There’s also the many benefits of being a member like you can apply for a loan such as sickness, employees compensation, maternity, disability and death.

On this post we will guide you on how to apply for an SSS number or I.D Card.

How to Apply for Meralco Meter and Requirements

If you have a new house or a house that still doesn’t have an electric meter from Meralco, chances are you wondering what are the requirements or qualification to get one. So we do some research and we fund out the following information that may help you in getting a new meter.

For Residential:

You must meet the following criteria:

  • You are the official owner or occupant (tenant) of the address being applied for
  • The address that you are applying for is physically separate from adjacent addresses that already have electric service.
  • You have no previous illegal connection cases with Meralco.