How to Apply for a DERMACARE Franchise

Looking for a business investment in beauty and wellness? Try the Dermacare franchise package. The Dermacare belongs to one of the leading provider of beauty center. They provide care for body, face and have laser center.

Here are some of the requirements for Dermacare Franchise:

It’s easy to qualify to be a FRANCHISEE. You just to be:

  1. Enthusiastic and interested in health, beauty and wellness business.
  2. Has good financing standing.
  3. Has a good business acumen.


Dermacare franchise offers minimal investment. High success factor of payback period depending on your clinic location/demographics. With Dermacare as your franchise partner you’ve got the definite edge to succeed. Get high returns with minimal capitalization and low operating cost. Short term return on investment. Provides continuous support services such as consultation on promotional, medical or operational issues. Analyzing the seals, marketing and business strategic concerns.


How much does it cost to have a DERMACARE franchise?

  • For as low as 500,000.00 ALL-IN PACKAGE
    • Includes:
    • Use of trade name and proprietary marks.
    • Franchise and personnel training.
    • Procurement Program.
    • Site selection and evaluation assistance.
    • Design and layout guidelines.
    • Operational manual.
    • Pre-opening and start up assistance.
    • Marketing and advertising assistance.
    • Initial clinical and spa supplies.
    • Initial facial machines and equipments.



  • 4x Facial Bed with Stools
  • 1x 5 in 1 Facial Machine
  • 1x Diamond Peel Machine
  • 1x Glass Sterilizer
  • 1x Hot Cabinet
  • 1x Facial Steamer
  • 1x Magnifying Lamp
  • 2x Facial trolley
  • Php 15,000 worth of facial and spa supplies
  • Php 15,000 worth of beauty products


You may contact DERMACARE for more details:

(043) 300 0734 | (043) 702 9088

0999 500 8529 | 0920 61 1008

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