How to Apply for Kambal Pandesal Franchise and Requirements

Here are some of the details for Kambal Pandesal franchise requirements and how to apply for one. Kambal Pandesal is one of the famous brand of bread and are quite known for quality. They have one of the best innovative bread technology and continuously developing and improving. This is why KambalĀ  Pandesal is one of the solid investment that you can make when thinking of purchasing a franchise business.

Kambal Pandesal Franchise

Points why pick a Kambal Pandesal franchise from other business franchise:

  • Unique and Fresh Product – You can from over 50 unique delectable global Pinoy breads that will surely satisfy any discerning taste.
  • Effective Marketing & Promotions – Gain support from effective local store marketing efforts amplified with national marketing programs.
  • Comprehensive Training – Get the knowledge from one of the best in the business & garner comprehensive training on Bakery Management for owners, bakers, and sellers.
  • Consistent Supply of Quality ingredients – Be serviced by a strong network of “one-stop-shop” San Miguel distributors serving only fresh & high quality ingredients.
  • Innovative R & D – Improve from continuous innovation in bread technology from the country’s leading Research & Development experts.



Introductory Price: Php 450,000.00


  • Two Deck Gas Baking Oven
  • Spiral Mixer 12.5 capacity
  • Stainless Working Table
  • Cooling Rack
  • Bread Display Case-Ordinary
  • Proofing rack
  • Complete Set up of Equipment and Supplies
    • Starter Kit
    • 40 pcs Aluminum Tray
    • Weighing Scale
    • Measuring Tools
    • Cutting Tools
    • Filled Bread Prep Tools
    • Containers/Hand Gloves/Food Tongs
    • Packaging Supplies

*FREE SITE assistance

*Initial Inventory

*Marketing Materials

*Panaflex Store Signage

Description of Business: Neighborhood bakeshop offering frehly-baked breads mainly Pandesal and filled variants.


Preferred Bakeshop size: 15 – 20 square meters


IdealĀ  Location: Best in a papolous area like near or close to a tricycle/jeepney terminal, entrance of a subdivision, schools, hospitals or within residential areas. Foot traffic of atleast 400 in peak hours.


Kambal Pandesal also offers extensive training and support programs such as:

  • Assistance in evaluating candidate sites
  • 1 to 2 weeks training program for partners bakers
  • SMMI’s high quality, easy to prepare pandesal.
  • *Skilled Bakers* is not a must. Dedicated post-store opening support.


If you are interested, you may contact Kambal Pandesal at the following:

  • (0917) 533 3678 * (0917) 824 1208
  • (02) 304 8526
  • You can also visit thie Facebook page at Kambal Pandesal


Reminder: This post are served just to give you an idea on the different requirements on having a Kambal Padesal franchise. Information contain on this post may change or vary so it is wise to contact the company mentioned for more details.

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